Welcome to Pinfold Vets. Here we aim to deliver a high quality Veterinary service to you and your pet and hope you have an excellent experience with us. We abide by the principles of service, care, honesty and integrity.

We have modern equipment and facilities of which we are very proud. We would be happy to show you around; for you to see what we provide and where your pet(s) will be cared for.

We are always looking to improve our service and value your feedback.


We ask you to settle your account on each visit to us. All operations and hospitalisation fees must be paid in full at collection. Payment can be made in cash, debit, credit card or cheque. Insurance claims must be paid in full, unless specific insurance details have been logged beforehand in order to make a ‘direct claim’ (in which case a deposit may be required).

‘Your data’:

As a practice we hold specific data about you (name, address, telephone numbers) and your pet. We hold and process this data principally for accurate recording your pet’s clinical records with us and for planning and financial administrative purposes.

Clinical information about your pet (written, verbal and electronic) will only be divulged to a third party to aid treatment or improve the care of your pet and not without your prior knowledge or consent. We may also use this information to contact you by mail, telephone, e-mail or App regarding preventive treatments, trading offers, health plans, competitions etc.

This may be carried out directly by us or by sharing your information through a third party.  Please refer to our specific Data protection policy for specific detail.


Estimates are provided verbally either at the time of booking the appointment or during the consultation itself.

An estimate is an indication as to the probable cost of any surgical procedure or in-patient treatment.   However please be aware that an estimate can only be approximate as a pet’s illness does not always follow a conventional course and additional costs may occur which cannot be predicted at the outset.

We will try to contact you as soon as we have reason to believe that the costs could be significantly higher than the estimate.



Case records including radiographs and similar documents are the property of, and will be retained by Pinfold Vets. Copies of clinical history can be passed on request to another veterinary surgeon if required (see Data protection policy)



The care given to your animal may involve making some specific investigations, for example taking radiographs or performing ultrasound scans. Even though we make a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting their results, ownership of the resulting record, for example a radiograph remains with the Practice.



To qualify for discounts associated with our Healthcare Plan, you must be a member of the plan for 12 months and make 12 consecutive direct debit payments. If you choose to leave the plan before you have made these payments, you will be liable for any differences in cost between the discounted goods and services you have received, and their normal non-discounted value. In the event that this occurs, this balance will be due upon cancellation of the plan.

If, like many of our customers, you wish to continue to benefit from the plan over subsequent years, the same terms apply; you will need to make another 12 consecutive direct debit payments. This is in accordance with the clauses printed on the reverse of the Client Copy of the Healthcare Plan agreement.



If you are unable to settle your account as specified above, please discuss the matter as soon as possible with a member of staff.



In certain circumstances, where no suitable alternative exists, it may be appropriate for our vets to prescribe medication for your pet which has not been licensed for veterinary use.  This may include the use of drugs in one animal species which are licensed in another or some human medications which are not available in veterinary form.

Use of our services expressly allows for this use following discussion with a veterinary surgeon.  When dispensing off licence medication we will ask you to sign a consent form and we keep a record of this for legal purposes.



We follow the British Veterinary Association’s code of Practice on unused Medicines which states that /once stock has been dispensed, it should not be accepted back into the dispensary.  This means that once you have collected any medicine and taken it away from our premises, we cannot provide refunds for any medication returned to the practice.  We can safely dispose of any unwanted medication at your request.



Prescriptions are available from this practice. You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines from your veterinary surgeon or obtain these from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy.  A prescription may not be appropriate if an animal requires immediate treatment or is an inpatient.

You will be informed on request of the price of any medicine that may be dispensed for your animal. The policy of this practice is to re-examine any animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 3 months, but this may vary with individual circumstances. There will be a charge for this re-examination.



Whilst we make every effort to remind you when your pet is due vaccinations or other preventative care, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are kept up to date and your pet meets any requirement for boarding establishments or travel abroad.



We hope that you never have a reason to complain about the standard of care and service received from Pinfold Vets. However, if you do find there is something you wish to bring to our attention, please contact either Lorna or Rupert and we will be happy to discuss your concerns and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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