Pinfold Vets - Our service during the Covid-19 restrictions

We have a duty of care to look after your pets and we will continue to do so during these strange and uncertain times.

However, we have had to temporarily reduce our staff SIGNIFICANTLY as we adjust the practice to comply with the Government guidelines to see emergencies and urgent cases only.

PLEASE bear this in mind before you contact us – and direct all non-urgent enquires and food or medication orders to

The RCVS guidelines are as follows;
‘Animals should only be seen in emergencies or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future (ie within the three-week time frame currently laid out by the Government for these measures).’

We still care, and we want to help you to help your pets. But for now, we can only deal with emergency and urgent cases and your food and medication orders – and please bear with us if we take longer than normal to get back to you or respond.

But we ARE still here. We DO still care – and we want to ensure we can keep functioning effectively during this difficult time.


Today is the end of March, and from tomorrow, as April begins, we head into a new era.

Covid-19 restrictions to our service (which are, without a doubt, the right thing to do), have meant that we have had to temporarily reduce our work force, so that our business can survive whilst we offer only an emergency and urgent case service.

From now on, until business as usual, we function on a significantly reduced staff, and therefore have had to discourage customers from contacting us unless it is really necessary. This goes against our whole ethos – and it breaks my heart to do so.

I cannot wait to see our reception full again – dogs waiting patiently for gravy bones at the counter, cats wandering across my computer keyboard in the consultation room. The four ‘o’ clock rush as people nip in after the school run.

Passing puppies between each other, as we all desperately want to have a quick snuggle. The people who pop in to weigh their dogs – or simply to say hello.

I shall miss my team – who are more than just that. They are my friends, and pretty much family – as I spend more time most weeks with them than my own. And I laugh with them LOTS.

But this IS only temporary. We will be back. Together again. And we ARE still a team.

So I’ve shed a little tear, had a (BIG) glass of wine – and tomorrow we will be there for you – the show, in some way, shape or form, MUST go on.

So bear with us for now. Don’t think that we’ve given up, or we don’t care because we do. And we’ll continue to do so to the best of our ability through these challenging and difficult times.

Stay safe all x❤️ Lots of love x

plaques at Pinfold Vets